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Levantar Studio


Imtiaz Hossain Sabree (Art & Level Design)

Mesbah Ur Rahman (Art, UI & Gameplay Programming)


The Adventure Of Toby

Once there was a village near a jungle..

The village was affected by a serious disease caused by 3 monsterous creatures,whose cure was hidden
 inside the creatures themselves..

Toby,a brave boy from that village,started a journey towards the jungle to destroy the monsters and find 
the cures for the disease...

will he be successful?


Move Forward - W
Move Backward - S
Move Right - D
Move Left - A
Attack - Left Mouse Button
Shift - Sprint
Interact - F
Heal - 1
Pause - Escape

Report Bug If You Find Any.

Thank You.

All the assets were made by  us during the jam. Only the animations were taken from mixamo & the sounds & fire particle was taken from Unreal Engine Starter Content.


TAOT32Bit.zip 81 MB
TAOT64Bit.zip 107 MB

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